New desserts

In our restaurant, we bring you a new dessert menu full of creativity, delicious combinations and refreshing new flavours. Whether you're a lover of chocolate, fruity treats or traditional desserts with a modern surprise, our new desserts are ready to wow you and leave you with a sweet memory.

Our new desserts bring an innovative approach to traditional recipes. We combine elements from different culinary traditions to create unique and irresistible desserts. You can look forward to surprising flavour combinations, novel presentations and original boundaries between sweet and savoury.

We focus on seasonal ingredients and freshness in the preparation of our new desserts. We use fruits and berries that are at the peak of their flavour and quality at the time of year. This ensures that our desserts have maximum natural sweetness and flavour. Each barrel and cream is carefully crafted with fresh, quality ingredients to bring you the best possible sweet experience.

Not only the taste, but also the presentation of our new desserts is something special. Each dessert is carefully decorated and arranged to dazzle not only your palate, but your eyes as well. Get ready for artistic compositions, playful textures and enticing decorations that will enchant you at first sight.

Come to our restaurant and taste our new desserts that will bring you sweet adventures and new taste experiences. Our culinary teams are constantly striving to innovate and surprise you with new delicacies that will not only make your post-meal moments more enjoyable.