Asparagus season is here!

The asparagus season is a welcome sign of spring, when fresh and delicious asparagus appears on the markets. This green treasure is rich in vitamins and minerals and brings great flavour harmony to dishes.

Asparagus is one of the most delicate vegetables that nature offers only for a limited time of the year. In our restaurant, we have carefully selected fresh and high quality asparagus spears to bring you the highest level of dining experience. Asparagus is known for its exceptional taste and texture. We prepare most of our asparagus dishes to highlight its natural sweetness and delicacy. Our menu offers a wide variety of asparagus specialties to satisfy any gourmet's taste buds.

Start your asparagus gastronomic journey with our delicious asparagus cream soup, which will both warm you up and refresh you at the same time. For salad lovers, we recommend our refreshing asparagus salads with fresh herbs and quality olive oil.

If you prefer a main course, our menu includes grilled asparagus skewers with crispy bacon and seasoned lemon sauce. For those who prefer a vegetarian diet, we also have an asparagus risotto option with a delicate combination of cheese and fresh herbs.

Asparagus can also be prepared sweet, just omit the salt in the basic preparation. Try our asparagus and rhubarb strudel. The interesting combination will delight with its unusual taste.